Oh Pep! - What's The Deal With David? (Official Video)

Production Company: Wayward Dreams Director: Samantha Scaffidi Producer: Carlos Ibarra Director of Photography: Alex Purifoy 1st Assistant Director: Willem Holzer Steadicam Operator: Pete Keeling 1st Assistant Camera: Kyle Taylor 2nd Assistant Camera/DIT: Jim Cole Gaffer: A.J. Holden Key Grip: Zack Forsyth Production Assistants: Terrion Harris, Kimon Koutsouradis, Josue Urioso, Zulu Aljabbri Art Director: Steven Killian Hair/Make-Up: Abigail Hayden Wardrobe Designer: Marissa Meneses Choreographer: Kana Sato Editor: Stephania Dulowski Colorist: Jenny Montgomery Sound Editor: Ian Sorrentino VFX: Julia Wiliford BTS: Jeli Rivera Story: Samantha Scaffidi Co-written: Lauren Rothery and Samantha Scaffidi Dancers: Lindsay Croop and Joseph Newge Thanks you to Alex Russel, Andrew Hutcheson, David Brickel, Logan Triplett, 4 & 1 Siblings productions, Sarah Donnenberg, Company 3, Cinema Vision, Handheld Films

Healing TREE PSA - “Bound”

Healing TREE (Trauma Resources, Education & Empowerment) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming how society responds to abuse and interpersonal trauma. Healing TREE focuses on shifting our society from coping and “putting a band aid” on traumatic experiences to healing from them.

Bound, a Public Service Announcement on Trauma Bonding raises awareness on this important topic, which is related to Domestic Violence and other forms of abuse. Trauma Bonding can occur in child abuse, cults, trafficking, bullying, etc. and from emotional, psychological, verbal, sexual and spiritual abuses as well as physical. Bound addresses the question of why people who are, or have been, victims of various forms of abuse often feel a powerful attachment to the people who have abused them. Furthermore, it offers hope by pointing to resources for healing. Too often, the dynamics of abuse and trauma’s impact on the brain are overlooked, leading to those who have been abused feeling shame. The general public, as well as helping professionals, often at best engage in a simply logical approach when confronting these issues and, at worst, engage in victim blaming. Being exposed to trauma focused resources on various forms of abuse as well as receiving trauma focused treatment modalities, which engage the survival part of the brain that is injured during trauma, are what is needed to break the cycle and move towards healing rather than coping. Bound tells an all too familiar story but leaves the audience with a new, trauma informed outlook.

This is America: The Women's March on Washington

The right to peacefully protest is a cornerstone of American democracy. The Women’s March on Washington on January 21st, 2017 will go down as the largest single-day demonstration in U.S. history. On that day people from different cultures, races, genders, and ages came together to fight for their rights and to petition their government. It was a truly peaceful and positive outpouring of love for our nation and determination to be present in its progress. 

It was this positivity and love of country that inspired a group of women-led filmmakers to document the historic march. Industry experts then joined together to support women in filmmaking through the completion of the film.

Furthermore, the making of this project inspired the creation of SLMBR PRTY, an initiative to connect exceptionally talented women within the film world. SLMBR PRTYwill have it’s official launch March 16th, 2017. This is America is SLMBR PRTY’s first collaborations amongst it’s members. 

Produced and Directed by Samantha Scaffidi
Produced and Edited by Kirstin VanSkiver
Associate Producers: Sarah Donnenberg and Leah Donnenberg
Cinematographers: Allison Anderson and Rachel Klein
Colorist: Jenny Montgomery
Sound Design/Mix: Julienne Guffain
Finishing Producer: Stephanie Norris
Conform Artist: Kaitlyn Jackson
1st AC: Aron Romanoff

Music: Rise by Tony Anderson

Kamala Harris
Gloria Steinem
Van Jones